De las cenizas

Isabel Olivia

De las cenizas, Is part of an effort in opening a dialogue on the experience of women in public and how we can create a sense of empowerment through clothing, rather than an attitude of shame and covering up women's bodies.I am using mythical symbols and creatures and creating my own motifs of power, strength and protection through storytelling in paintings, I have been creating my own symbols that signify power, fierceness, femininity, and rebirth.These garments have a very powerful presence, when the wearer puts on one of these power suits, it is as if they embody the symbols and imagery that is on their body, transforming the wearer, almost like a rebirth.


Isabel Oliva

︎  Fibers
︎  Senior
︎  Miami, Florida

Isabel Oliva is a multidisciplinary artist and designer from Miami,Florida.Her work deals with themes of the divine feminine, magic realism, power, myth and rebirth.