Emma Chesire
Kira Bell

This collection comes about through our mutual love of thrifting. We believe that our job in the era of late capitalism is reconfiguring the excess that ease of production has created into something new. This work blends aesthetics, time periods, socio-economic associations, genres, and our collective mediums into ready to wear garments. Through the fabrication of these pieces we are paying homage to an intuitive, empathetic, and organic way of making that has fallen out of favor in the rise of immaterial production. It is both a reflection on, and celebration of, the ever-accelerating flattening of space and time that takes place in the virtual realm of the internet.

Emma Cheshire

︎  Photography
︎  Graduated ‘20
︎  Croton-On-Hudson, New York

Emma Cheshire (on left) is a MICA photo alum, interdisciplinary artist and online shop owner from Croton-On-Hudson, NY. Her work encompasses a range of artistic mediums from analog and digital photography to cyanotype and sculpture. Through alternative processes of the photographic medium, she's constantly pushing the boundaries of fashion and photography on a meta-informative level.

Kira Bell

︎  Sculpture
︎  Graduated ‘20
︎  Dallas,Texas

Kira Bell (on right) is a MICA interdisciplinary sculpture alum from Dallas, Texas. Drawing connections between physical sciences, spiritual practice, and virtual space her work aims to bridge the semantic gaps created by majoritarian modes of representation that alienate us from our bodies, environments, and each other.