Ariana Bendaña

Chicle explores the cultural longevity of clothing and studies which trends and values are deemed immortal. Chicle also fuses elements of kitsch with present day 2000s American nostalgia such as the use of Pokemon cards as accessories. A common theme during construction was applying embellishments such as rhinestones and reflective surfaces, alluding to the dystopian Sci-Fi trope that the far future is “pure” or rather, all white, shiny, and new.

Chicle, gum in English, is the modified version of the Nahuatl word Tzictli. Nahuatl is part of the Uto-Aztecan language family, a group that is found almost entirely in the Western United States and Mexico. The line incorporates a utopian, hyper aesthetic produced by late American capitalist society, while also holding influence from Ariana’s Venezuelan and Nicaraguan heritage and is reminiscent of the present diasporic experience. 


Ariana Bendaña

︎  General Fine Arts
︎  Junior
︎  Miami, Florida
︎  oyihara
︎  bbendana

Ariana Bendaña is a junior general fine artist from Miami, Florida, focusing on illustration and stop motion set design, often incorporating themes of science fiction.